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Unity in Community

The last few years have been harsh. Forced to figure out how to do life in isolation, something we were never meant to do. For many of us, this proved daunting, and we wondered if it would never end. Even as restrictions came down, we have become hesitant to re-engage wondering when it will happen again. Know you are not alone.

It is for this very reason we felt it was important to talk about how to rediscover unity with each other and rebuild the community we have lost over these difficult years. This is not impossible! In fact, you may find that as you take a few steps out, it will all come back and it will feel natural to be in community with others again.

If you have already effectively found community again, that is awesome! We still welcome you to join us to gain strategies to strengthen the community, continue building it and also deepen unity within it. If you are not already part of a community, become part of ours. We would love to have you!

You don't want to miss this webinar, come on out on September 1, 2022 from 7pm-9pm. Click the button below to register and we will see you there!

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