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2024 Webinar Series

Reigniting Your Passion - July 2024

Have you ever wondered what happened to your zest for life? Has life become and endless list of tasks? Do you feel like you are stuck in a rut? If so, come join us for this webinar as we discuss strategies to reignite your passion for life!

Download Reigniting Your Passion Webinar Notes

Improve Your Marriage- June 2024

Join us as we discuss strategies on how to improve your marriage. Even if you feel like your marriage is good, it could be even better! It may seem hopeless but watch this webinar before you decide to quit on your spouse. Whatever problems you have, you will carry into future relationships.

Download Improve your Marriage Webinar Notes

$tre$$ed - May 2024

Join us as we discuss strategies for dealing with Financial Overwhelm.  Financial stress impacts every area of our lives and when we are in the thick of things it is hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. 

Download $tre$$ed Webinar Notes

Stop Striving - Apr 2024

There are times in life when we strive so much it causes undue stress and anxiety. If we spent more time just being, we would find ourselves more productive and efficient in what we tackle. It is time to stop striving and just be. 

Download Stop Striving Webinar Notes

Dare to Dream - Mar 2024

As adults, we do not give ourselves the space or time to dream the way we did as children. What if you had those dreams for a reason and what if achieving them were possible would you pick them up again? Would you dare to dream of new things? Would you revive things that you once thought were impossible?

Download Dare to Dream Webinar Notes

Growth Accelerator - Feb 2024

Take a deeper look into your own life. What areas of your life have you felt like you are in a season of dormancy? What areas do you feel like your growth has been stunted? What areas would you like to see accelerated growth in this year?

Download Growth Accelerator Notes

Elusiveness Of Joy - Jan 2024

Everyone wants to be happy, but few find it. What if I told you there was a difference between joy and happiness? What if you could experience joy throughout the most difficult circumstances? Join us as we explore this and discuss how to experience joy on a daily basis.

Download Elusiveness of Joy Notes

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