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What is Mentorship?

Journeying with those who have gone before you!

Mentorship is the process of journeying with someone who has been where you are.  They have the ability to see where you are, where you need to go and have the expericne and knowledge to help you get there.  Mentors can be found in every industry and for every reason imaginable. At NOSA our mentors have once found theselves in a place where they struggled with a wide range of mental health issues.  We heal, grow and move past our current struggles faster when we do so in community.  Having others who have journeyed guide you through your own struggles has utmost value.  

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One on One Mentoring

One on one mentoring is when you work one on one with a mentor.  This can be in person or at a distance.  This is someone who you meet with a journey with through all your current life struggles.  They are there to offer you support, tools and knowledge of how to get from where you are to where you want to be. These mentor relationships tend to create bonds that can last a lifetime.  Even long after your significant times of mentorship you may find that you seek out support or friendship.  We are still connected to some of our mentees after 20 years. 


Group Mentoring

Group mentoring is when you meet with a group of people who are struggling with similar issues.  These groups will have a like minded goal and mission.  The content in these groups will be to identify a specific type of problem with a similar goal.  These are great groups because not only do you get the benefit of journeying with your mentor but you also are able to journey with others who are struggling in the same way.  You create friendships and connections that often last long after the group mentoring groups end.  These groups often will be structured around a reoccuring meeting time and will last for a durration of time.  


Why Mentorship vs Counselling

Both are valuable and have their place.  The focus of Mentorship is a long term journey.  It is not intended for you to come and get tools and then journey alone.  The role of a mentor is to journey with you.  It is a commitment to walk with you to see you get to the other side of what you are going through. 

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