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The Dividing Line

Life is filled with responsibility and expectations, often placed upon us by others or by ourselves because of duty and guilt about not measuring up. We can often get lost in the mess of it all and forget where we end and others begin. We live our lives to please others and we feel we often fall short of the expectations set before us.

What if those expectations were not realistic or even justified? Through the darkest time of my life which was my mental and physical burnout. I realized that I had been living my life for others, believing that their happiness and success were dependent on me. If they were upset, angry, struggling or unsatisfied then it was my fault. I did not measure up.

Can any of you relate?

Does the weight of the world seemingly rest on your shoulders?

Do you care about what others think of you and how you live your life?

Do you believe that you have to be perfect for others to love and accept you?

When trials come your way do you believe that you somehow caused these things to happen through lack of action or follow through?

When we don't recognize there is a dividing line between what we are responsible for and what others are responsible for, it will cause us to lose our sense of identity and autonomy.

This extreme weight is not something any of us were designed to carry. It will lead you down a path of perfectionism, performance and people-pleasing that will NEVER be satisfied. I lived this kind of life for 35 years and it nearly destroyed me.

Join us on Thursday, October 5th for our next monthly webinar where we will be tackling this subject. I will share my personal journey of how I learned where that line is and how to not cross it. My life is dramatically different now and I live with peace knowing what I am responsible for and I let others deal with their own baggage.

Click the button below to register for this upcoming webinar.

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