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Prioritizing Self Care!

This topic has become very imperative over the past 10 years but more importantly over the last 3 years I have seen the need for addressing this issue ramp up. The outcome of of the recent pandemic and lockdowns has created a phenomenon in our communities that was not previously there. I have noticed that we as a society have become more recluse, we are meeting in person less and we are depending on our own abilities to manage our lives instead of reaching out to others to help when we are in need. I have also noticed that as we have retreated and focused more on our home front's. All too often the ones in our families that identify as the caregivers are becoming overwhelmed, burnt out and are struggling to sometimes just get through the days. The stress associated with not being able to find adequate work and not having the finances to meet your families needs is real and tangible and leaves you depleted and distressed. I have also seen a rise in adult children caring for their ailing parents instead of relying on care home facilities. I understand this desire as I saw directly how the care of my own mother in law during these past few years was not ideal. The isolation she experienced due to not being able to see family and at times being confined to her room, not able to leave left a lasting mark on her. I understand our desire to care for our loved ones in our own homes on our own terms. However I also know the results of caring for others at the expense of myself.

As someone who cares for others it is often our last priority to care for ourselves. We put the needs of others before our own and often suffer for it. I lived this way for over 30 years. I ignored my own needs while caring for the needs of everyone around me. That was until it all caught up with me and I was unable to do anything. I had become so depleted that I no longer could care for those I loved let alone try to care for myself. My journey of recovery was long and took a lot of work to realize the mindset and patterns that led to my burn out. I had to establish new habits and strategies of how to prioritize my own self care. We will be no good to those we love if we are not well and thriving.

When I have flown in an airplane I have always appreciated the reminder that the stewards give when instructing the passengers. In the event that there is a emergency and oxygen is required you MUST put on your oxygen mask first before applying it to those who need assistance. This is a practical application to self care. You need to take care of yourself FIRST before you can help those around you that need assistance. If you choose not to care for yourself first then you will find yourself burnt out and not able to help anyone including yourself.

Learning strategies of how to prioritize self care is not only essential but will empower you to care for those in your life better. If you struggle with prioritizing self care or just cant seem to find the space and time to do so, this webinar will be inspiring and give you practical strategies of how to implement self care into your regular routines. Laura Burgoyne will be sharing part of her personal journey of reaching burnout and mental breakdown and the lessons she learned in the process. She will be sharing the strategies she learned and how she thrives today.

Join us in our next webinar November 3, 2022 via Zoom from 7-9pm. To receive the private zoom link details please register below. Please share this with all those you know who would benefit from learning new strategies for implementing and prioritizing self care in their lives.

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