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200 Pledge Project

Updated: May 12, 2022

I am excited to introduce this 200 pledge project with you. This project will be starting April 1st and going for 8 weeks. What a great opportunity for you to partner with NOSA Foundation which is working one on one with those who need support. Your help will go towards changing lives.

NOSA Foundation is a non profit business that aims to help those struggling with mental health issues. We all have been impacted by mental health, if not directly then we know those who are struggling. For many years this has been an issue that was not often talked about, or the messaging was always that something was wrong with those who struggle.

I am so pleased to see that awareness and advocacy for those who need supports has increased in the past 10 years.

I personally struggled for many years as a youth with anxiety, self loathing, self-esteem issues, food addictions, depression and suicidal tendencies. I struggled silently and alone, I did not have support or those who would help me heal from the roots of my pain. This is why

I have decided to advocate for those who are struggling but can not access traditional counseling , therapy or life coaching. Even in my adulthood I have had to process some of my own trauma and the costs associated with these therapies have ranged from $75-$190 per hour. I believe so many people are falling through the cracks because they do not have the resources to get those kinds of supports.

For this reason all our one on one mentoring and group mentoring are of no cost to those who desire our supports. We desire to help others not by just simply telling them tools that will help them if they apply them but to literally walk along side them. We are training up a team of Mentors that will be able to journey with others through every walk of life.

Please consider supporting this important work of bringing freedom, healing and wholeness

into the lives of those who are struggling. You can support us by partnering with us in this pledge project. We are seeking 200 pledges of financial support in the amounts of $1- $200.

Every dollar raised goes directly towards the costs associated with helping those struggling with mental health issues. We desire that every dollar be used wisely and have the maximum impact. This project makes it easier for anyone to participate no matter what level of income you have. Every gift no matter how big or small all goes towards bringing hope and healing to others.

Please consider being part of the solution by supporting the important work we are doing.

You can also support this cause by sharing this 200 pledge project with those you know and most of all praying for those who are currently in our mentoring programs and those that will be joining us in the future. You may know someone who is struggling and may need our supports please let them know we are here and we desire that No One Stand Alone.

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