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You Are Not Alone

No matter who you are or what you are currently experiencing you are not alone!

When we are in the midst of our dark places, our storms, or even a crisis, we find ourselves convinced that we are alone. We don't reach out to others who can help, and we keep it to ourselves, thinking we should be able to handle it. Thoughts invade our minds, isolating us even more to the point where we believe no one else can be going through this, no one else could be struggling as much, or no one would understand. These beliefs then drive us deeper into our withdrawal from the world.

Mentoring and counselling others for much of my life, I have discovered one thing. Every person I have spoken to has expressed thoughts similar to these, and when I share with them that others have felt those same things in very similar situations, they are relieved! They are relieved not to be alone in it, to know they are not so different from others and even have a glimmer of hope that they can trust others with what is happening in their lives.

Not only do you have other people in your life that you may have isolated or withdrawn from, but God is always there. Whether you believe in Him or not, whether you listen to Him or not, even if you run away from Him, He is still there. He is knocking at the door. Will you open it?

You do not have to face these times alone; you can reach out to God, a friend, a family member, a mentor, a counsellor, a pastor, or anyone else in your life who can help you process the difficulty you are facing no matter what it might be.

If you feel alone, take a moment and think about whether you have been isolating yourself. If you have, now is an excellent time to contact some of your close friends and let them in. You may not realize it, but life is meant to be lived out in community. We are meant to care for each other, help each other, and encourage one another. Loneliness only sets in when we withdraw ourselves from the community we have at our fingertips. As we enter into this spring let's do it embracing our community and letting these people walk with us through the muddiness of life. There is not a single person alive who has not had their share of troubles; they just might look a bit different.

If you are still unconvinced and need someone to talk to Laura and Connie are here. Feel free to set up an appointment to speak with them, they would love to talk to you.

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