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2022 Webinar Series

Navigating Loss and Family- Dec 2022

Navigating loss and family is an important topic that is often swept under the rug. Watch this webinar to gain new strategies of how to process and move forward after losses and how to regain your sense of purpose.

Download Navigating Loss and Family Notes

Self Care- Nov 2022

Prioritizing self care is often the last thing on our list of to do's. However the consequences of not implementing Self Care into your every day life will impact every area of your life. This Webinar shares strategies of how to implement Self care in your life and the common things that hold us back from pursuing it in our lives.

Download Self Care Notes

Attitude of Gratitude- Oct 2022

Focusing on what we do not have creates discontentment in our lives. We are always striving for the things we want. On the flip side when we focus on being grateful for what we do have, we are content and the result is peace.

Download Attitude of Gratitude Notes

Unity in Community- Sept 2022

Have you been impacted by the isolation that came over these past two years. Sometimes when you lose connection with others it is hard to trust again and to regain that community. Join us in this webinar to explore this topic more and to rediscover the tools to creating true authentic community. 

Download Unity In Community Notes

Living in the Margins- Aug 2022

Do you ever feel overwhelmed? If so you probably don't have much margin in your life. This topic is so important as it impacts every area of your life including your health. In this webinar we discuss what happens when you don't have margin, strategies of how to create margin and the positive effects of prioritizing self care in your life. 

Download Living in the Margins Notes

Boundaries- July 2022

Do you find that others take advantage of you? Are you controlled by others in your life? Are you needs ignored while you try to meet the needs of others? Do you try to say no to others but feel you need to give an explanation, only then to have them convince you to do it anyway? If you answered yes to some or all of the above questions you may have issues with boundaries.

Download Boundaries Notes

Transitioning Well- June 2022

We all experience times of sudden change in our lives. They often leave us in states of shock and feelings of hopelessness that we will be able to move on from these losses. In this Webinar we tackle this subject and offer tools that you can use to transition through these losses quicker and in a healthy way.

Download Transitioning Well Notes

Deepen your Roots- May 2022

We all go through trials and face challenges in life. It is important to grow deep roots so that when the storms of life come you do not get uprooted. With a strong foundation you will be able to withstand any situation. This webinar gives tools and strategies of how to develop deep and lasting roots in your life.

Download Deepen Your Roots Notes

Tending the Seeds- Apr 2022

We often don't move forward in life because when we learn new principles and strategies we are unable to apply it to our lives. In this Webinar we discuss how to cultivate a life that will flourish in every season

Download Tending the Seeds Notes

Seeds of Hope- Mar 2022

It is difficult to have HOPE for your future when you struggle with anxiety. This webinar covers 3 strategies that work at reducing and eliminating anxiety in your life. When these principles are applied to your everyday life you will experience freedom to live your life with hope.

Download Seeds of Hope Notes

Am I lovable- Feb 2022

Loving ourselves sometimes can be very difficult especially when we are told otherwise over and over again.  This webinar will give you strategies of how to regain your sense of purpose and identity no matter where you find yourself right now.

Download Am I Lovable Notes

Fresh Start- Jan 2022

Don't start your year off with resolutions that don't work and leave you discouraged.  This webinar shares keys to setting yourself up for success and setting realistic and sustainable goals by reflecting on the past. 

Download Fresh Start Notes

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