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2023 Webinar Series

Time Of Reflection- Nov 2023

Do you feel stuck? Have you been trying to move forward but seem to be losing ground rather than gaining it? Join us for this webinar as we reflect on the places we get stuck and start to create pathways to move forward.

Download Time Of Reflection Notes

Permission To Rest - Dec 2023

We live in a culture where Rest is not something that is prioritized. The impacts of not taking adequate amounts of rest are devastating and can impact you in every area of your life. The impacts are often not recognized until it is too late.

Download Permission To Rest Notes

The Dividing Line - Oct 2023

The line between what we should be responsible for and what we shouldn't is not always clear. Join us as we bring clarity to this topic and bring proper balance back to our lives.

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New Benchmarks - Sep 2023

Learning and growing is normal part of life. What we don't always realize is that at each stage of life we establish new Benchmarks and a new starting point. Why is this important and how can we use this to help us grow more in the areas we are struggling. 

Download New Benchmarks Notes

Celebrating Breakthroughs - Aug 2023

Celebrating the successes and victories in your life inspires you to push through the difficulties. Join us as we discuss the importance of celebration,

Download Celebrating Breakthroughs Notes

Resilience - Jul 2023

Gain strategies for resilience to over come in even the most difficult circumstances. 

Download Resilience Notes

The Big Why - Jun 2023

Our struggles are real but too often we are unable to figure out why we are experiencing them or the root of the issue. Join us as we discuss this topic more and give you strategies to find the reason behind why you struggle.

Download The Big Why Notes

Coping Mechanisms - May 2023

We all experience trauma, stress, grief and pain in our lives. How we choose to cope with these things can be helpful or harmful. Join us as we discuss this topic, and how our coping mechanisms are impacting us. 

Download Coping Mechanisms Notes

What's Wrong With Me? - Apr 2023

When struggling with Anxiety and Depression we often wonder What is wrong with Me? Join us as we discuss this topic and bring understanding to this subject. There is hope and you do not have to wrestle with this issue for the rest of your life!

Download What's Wrong With Me? Notes

Unearthing Your True Self - Mar 2023

Over time we lose pieces of ourselves. We let things go that were once important. We leave dreams behind, allow passions to dwindle and become someone we do not even recognize. Join us for the webinar as we discuss how to unearth these things and rediscover our true selves in the process!

Download Unearthing Your True Self Notes

The Treasure Inside - Feb 2023

We get caught up in all our failures it is sometimes almost impossible to see our true value, the treasure that is there. Yet, it is there waiting to be found. This buried treasure needs to be revealed not only to you but to the world.

Download The Treasure Inside Notes

The Chameleon Effect - Jan 2023

We have all experienced moments in our lives when we either hide our true selves or try to blend in to our surroundings. Either way we can lose ourselves to this of we are not careful. 

Download Chameleon Effect Notes

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