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What's wrong with me?

If you have ever struggled with anxiety or depression then I can guarantee you have

asked yourself this very question. We desire to live our lives without feeling these debilitating emotions and often feel powerless over them. The cause and effect as to why we are feeling these ways are often mysteries that we have difficulty understanding. When we can't uncover the reason why we struggle we often rely on the advice of friends or other medical professionals. We may begin to believe the things being told to us by well-meaning professionals.

These are statements I have been told, heard spoken over those I care about and even read in the literature written about this subject matter. You may relate to some of these statements.

Depression is a disorder which is best treated with medication.

You are genetically predisposed to be anxious and depressed.

Depression cannot be cured.

Depression is caused by chemical imbalances.

Medication is not the answer to finding long-term solutions and relief from these issues. It only masks the symptoms but never solves the underlying issues causing your anxiety and depression.

Having been someone who not only struggled with prolonged anxiety and depression but also suicidal ideation. I know firsthand the struggle these issues present in our lives. I know the devastating emotions, thoughts and hopelessness that comes from living in these states for too long. For me, it lead to obsessive thoughts of ending my life. A sense that somehow my life would be better if I were no longer alive.

If you are experiencing suicidal thoughts and feel actual relief at the thought of ending your life, then you need to reach out and get help right away. It is no longer just a thought but the likely hood of you following through with those thoughts is extremely likely.

Now I know that not everyone who feels anxiety and depression considers suicide and I want to address those who generally live in a state of anxiety and depression that causes them to not pursue their dreams, feel unfulfilled, are unable to focus and feel excessive worry and fear about the future, and have no motivation in life. I am here to tell you that not only is there HOPE for you but you have everything you need to step out of these prevailing issues and into the life you only could imagine. Join us in this Webinar where we will be talking about this subject on a more in-depth level. I will share practical steps you can take to relieve your anxiety, depression and panic attacks and start living your life to the fullest. We will discuss how to find the roots of why you struggle and how to effectively deal with them.

Even if you are not directly impacted by anxiety and depression, we all know someone who is struggling. Sometimes the most powerless feeling is when we don't understand what is happening or have the skills to know how to help those we love. I encourage you to join in on this discussion and we dig deeper to reveal the solutions to these issues and be able to find the freedom we desire.

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