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Transitioning Well

How often do you find your life suddenly and irreversibly changed because of something happening in your life. These experiences can leave us shaken and without a sense of how to move forward or process these life events. Our lives are filled with these times of transitions, some more life changing and debilitating than others but all of them impact us. How we transition through these times will be instrumental in our future progress or success.

These can come in many forms, being laid off from your job, natural disasters such as fires, floods, tornados, hurricanes, the death of loved ones, a miscarriage of a hoped for child, Injury, health diagnosis, becoming a parent for the first time, graduating from College, being abandoned through divorce because your spouse has found another person to love, financial losses, becoming homeless this list can go on and on.

There are strategies that I have found that if used in these times of change we will be able to successfully transition from one season to the another. It does not diminish the loss, and grief but it will allow you to fully process every emotion you experience, stay grounded and sure footed and be able to look forward with hope that you will be able to move forward no matter what has come up in your life.

Join us for our upcoming Webinar in our 2022 Webinar Series called Transitioning Well. I will be sharing some of the strategies I have used for navigating through difficult trials and life transitions. Come be encouraged, inspired and find hope for your own areas that you may feel stuck in. There is hope and you can transition well through all your life's challenges.

I once heard an allegory that really speaks to this issue, here is my paraphrase of that allegory.

Imagine with me that there was a horse that fell down into an abandoned well. His owners found him and knew there was no way to get him out of the hole. They assumed that he must have broken his legs and have internal injuries so the possibility of getting him up alive would be very slim. The only thing they could imagine to do was to bury him and put him out of his misery. They started filling the hole with dirt so that their beloved horse would not suffer any longer. Mean while the horse is in the hole with dirt being thrown down on his back. He could have been defeated and believed that there was no way out of this deep well and just allow himself to be buried alive. Instead he decided to shake all the dirt off his back and stomp it under his feet. Shovel full after shovel full of dirt the horse kept shaking it off and compacting it under his feet. The horses owners had no idea what was happening deep in the well until they had put in so much dirt that they figured the hole must be close to filled. They peered down into the well to their surprise to see the hole mostly filled but their horse alive an well standing on top of the soil they had put into the well.

What is the point to this story. We all find our selves in impossible situations. The temptation to give up and get stuck in our trauma and loss may seem like the only option. I have come to believe that no circumstance or trauma is beyond our ability to overcome and just like this horse you can use what could have destroyed you to actually bring freedom in your life.

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