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The Treasure Inside

You have a treasure inside of you; whether you recognize it or not, it is still there. This treasure makes you uniquely you. Treasure is valuable! Therefore, every person has value, great value! It is not based on your accomplishments, skills or abilities; instead, it is based on who you are at your core. God created you in His image, and this means God treasures you. This is no small thing! The God of the universe sees value in you, it is time to believe it for yourself!

Knowing each person has value alters the way we see others and how we treat them. If I see the homeless person asking for money for food through this lens, it causes a completely different reaction. I may not have been homeless myself but it helps me to recognize I am not more important than they are. They deserve to be treated with love and respect. Given the right set of circumstances any one of us could be without a home, and how would we want people to treat us? I say all of this to show you that every person has intrinsic value and deserves to be treated with love and respect. This includes you!

We get caught up in all our failures it is sometimes almost impossible to see our true value, the treasure that is there. Yet, it is there waiting to be found. This buried treasure needs to be revealed not only to you but to the world.

Join us for our webinar on February 2, 2023 @ 7pm, as we discover even more about the treasure inside us, how to uncover it and reveal it to the world. Click the button below to register.

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