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The Pressures of Life

"We were under great pressure, far beyond our ability to endure, so that we despaired even life. Indeed, in our hearts, we felt the sentence of death. BUT...this happened that we might not rely on ourselves but on GOD, who raises the dead. He has delivered us from such a deadly peril, and He will deliver us. On him, we have set our hope that he will continue to deliver us." -2 Corinthians 1:8-11

How many of us at one time or another have been so overwhelmed or distressed by our life circumstances? Have you ever been so despaired that you desired death? Being out of this life would be better than living through the pressures surrounding you. I have been there before! As a youth, I had lived through a very troublesome childhood. The pain, sorrow, hurt, abandonment, loneliness and worthlessness I felt was more than I could bear. Thoughts of suicide plagued me, and I believed that the only way out of the deep depression and mess I was in was to end it all. Is that where you find yourself today? Does the thought of ending your life bring you some sense of relief? I urge you not to listen to those thoughts if that is you. They are not true and there is purpose for you here and now. There is an answer and it may not be one that you considered before. Your purpose can be found only in God. Trying to find your purpose in any other thing will not last, it will not fill the hole in your life that only God can fill. I am thankful that God showed me this before it was too late.

In my greatest time of need, God met with me. As I desperately cried out to him to help me, to take away all the pain he was there! 2 Corinthians 1:8-11 came to life for me. God does not cause bad things to happen to us. But he will always be there for us when we call out to him. He will rescue us and deliver us from death.

He will be more than enough for us if we allow him to be. I have found this to be true in my life over and over again. His name is faithful. If we trust him, he will never fail us! God knows you completely, he has a purpose for your life.

For those of you who are under great pressure, far beyond your ability to endure and despairing life, I encourage you to open your hearts up to God. Call on him for help, and he will be there, he will supply all you need and he will speak truth and purpose into your life. There is HOPE and JOY available to you. His name is JESUS. I pray that today no matter what you are facing you would call out to the only one who knows you inside and out. The only one who has the ability to transform you and your circumstance. He is able and

waiting for you to open your heart to him. And I guarantee, if you call out to him, He will answer.

2 Samuel 14:14

Please find hope today no matter how hopeless things feel. Find someone you can trust with what you are experiencing, don't try to do it on your own. If you have no one in your life that you can reach out to consider reaching out to the mentors at No One Stands Alone Foundation. God does not desire that anyone perish but that all will live their lives abundantly.

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