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Tending Your Seeds

You may read this title and find yourself asking what are seeds? Seeds are the teachings we hear, words we read, and the revelation God gives us about Himself. How we implement these things into our daily lives is impacted greatly by how healthy our soil is. What am I referring to when I say soil? I am referring to the condition of our hearts and souls. It is important to tend to the soil so our seeds can grow and flourish for every season.

In our April Webinar in the 2022 Webinar series, we will be discussing the things that hold us back from living our lives to the fullest. We desire to have hearts that are free and full of love, instead of being caught up in self-doubt. We long for joy and peace to reign in our souls, rather than being bogged down by fear and anxiety. We all want to experience complete freedom in our daily lives, but sometimes find other things get in the way, like weeds in a garden. These weeds can choke out the healthy plants in the garden and must be removed, however, sometimes their roots are not easy to find. We need to tend to these gardens and take the time to find every root and remove them. It is only then the garden can flourish. In the same way, it is not easy to find the roots to the things holding us back from living in freedom, love, joy and peace.

This webinar will help you to identify these roots and how to remove them. Be encouraged, as hard as the work may be the end result is a beautiful garden filled with beauty, the garden of our hearts free and filled with love, peace and joy. With these tools and strategies at work in our lives, we will not only find freedom but also be able to walk in this freedom daily for the rest of our lives.

If you know someone who would like to experience more freedom, love, joy and peace in life feel free to invite them to join us. We desire to help people find freedom and experience life to the fullest, enjoying love, joy and peace consistently each day. Please register by clicking the button below so we can send you the event details.

We look forward to seeing you then!

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