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Permission To Rest

We are always so busy in life, but how often do we give ourselves permission to rest? We know we need rest, but the to-do list is endless. We feel tried, but know if we stop something falls through the cracks. What if we gave ourselves permission to rest regardless?

This is a foreign concept to many of us. Even when we take vacations, we book every minute with things to do. How many of us make time to retreat from life and rest? How many of us take time from the rat race to embrace quiet time for ourselves? Not many. Even those who carve out some time, soon find themselves sacrificing it in order to do everything they need to get done.

Come join us as we discuss how important rest is to our bodies, souls and spirits. What better time to consider rest than around Christmas when we have more days off and the ability to spend it with close friends and family? We will go over some strategies to find rest in busy times. Join us Thursday, Dec 7, 2023 @7pm as we discuss this important topic. Register by clicking the button below.

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