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It's okay to NOT be okay!

For far too long there has been a stigma surrounding mental health. Many people suffering in silence for years because they don't want to be seen as weak, helpless and lacking. The truth is that we all will struggle with Mental health sometime over our lives. Our ability to process these seasons and to successfully move through them to continue living fulfilled lives will be determined by our willingness to recognize and acknowledge our struggles and reach out for support and help when we need it.

I want to ask you a question, How are you really doing? Evaluate your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing, being honest with yourself. Don't allow your thoughts of what others may think about you or say about you hinder you from wanting to live your BEST life.

The struggles you are facing right now are REAL, don't pretend they don't exist!

They can leave you fearful of the future, struggling to find your footing, anxious about what comes next and depressed and hopeless about ever finding your way through these times.

I have come to learn the hard way that when you ignore the signs of mental, emotional, physical and spiritual distress you not only prolong the suffering but in many cases make the wounds deeper and more difficult to process. Acknowledging where you are at, where you are struggling and having the courage to be honest with yourself and those you can trust is the FIRST step in moving forward.

You were never intended to walk this journey alone. When you realize that you are not the only one struggling it makes it easier to be vulnerable and transparent. It is time to break the silence around mental health, Remove the STIGMA. Struggling with your mental health does not mean you are broken, it means you are human! Processing pain, trauma and distress is as normal as breathing. This is not an uncommon problem, just most people hide it until it becomes so debilitating that they need severe intervention.

So I pose my question again. How are you really doing? Are there areas that you are struggling that you have been unable to share with anyone out of fear? Have you suffered in silence hoping that these things would just go away or resolve themselves overtime. I am sorry to inform you that won't happen. You may forget about it for a short time until it gets triggered in you by something else in your life and you realize the issue has not only gotten worse.

Imagine getting a deep cut in your leg. If not dealt with it will get infected and the problem will get worse. Why would we think that it would be any different with mental and emotional issues. It is normal to experience loss, rejection, abandonment, grief, hopeless, despair, anger, rage, pain, but if we choose to ignore them hoping they will just go away I can guarantee only one outcome. It will only get worse.

Please do not ignore your mental health! God desires that we live our lives to the fullest, not being bound or encumbered by anything. He promises that when we trust him with the burdens, pain and traumas we face that not only will he bring healing but he will redeem it into something useable. Don't live in silence anymore, reach out to those in your life who can be trusted to journey along side you to see you find victory. And if you don't have anyone in your life that you can trust them consider reaching out to our mentors at No One Stands Alone Foundation. We would love to journey with you and help you find healing for your mental health concerns.

You can do this, you are not alone and it is time for you to take your first step towards freedom!

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