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Forward Momentum

Updated: Jan 2

As this year comes to a close it is easy to look back and see all the areas that we did not achieve the goals we set for ourselves. We can get stuck believing that next year will not be much different.

I want to challenge you to another thought. It is often hard to make major changes on our own. We need support, direction and encouragement from others who have gone before. That is why I am launching this FORWARD MOMENTUM accountability program starting January 1, 2024.

I am offering the opportunity to 10 women to journey with me for one year to see them overcome the obstacles that have kept them stuck and not able to pursue their purpose or fulfill their dreams in their lives.

This program will challenge you to look deeper below the surface and not be satisfied with just managing the symptoms in your life. If you are READY FOR CHANGE and do not want to be in the same place you are one year from now consider investing in yourself this next year!

The foundation of this accountability program is based on my new book "Finally Free". We will be journeying through the content of my book, overcoming the obstacles that keep you stuck, and starting to gain forward momentum toward your dreams and purpose.

I am personally committing to investing all that I am into for this year. I will hold you accountable to your goals and help you discover the underlying reasons why you remain stuck.

If you are ready for change consider joining me on this one-year journey. You will not be the same person one year from now. There is a decision before you, what will you choose?

Registration is now Closed. If you would like to be contacted for the next time this program runs please contact us at and ask to be added to a waiting list for the Forward Momentum Accountability Program.

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