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Discover Women's Retreat- 2023

Feeling disconnected? Not sure who you are or who you are supposed to be? Spent too many years being the person other people want you to be? Lacking purpose and direction in your life?

It is that time again for our annual retreat. This year our focus is on Discover...

Sometime in the busyness of life we lose sight of ourselves or the things that are truly important. We need to prioritize time away to allow ourselves to reflect on where we are, where we want to be and how can we get there. And in some cases we need to rediscover who we are. In the journey of life we can completely forget who we are! What do we need and what we like. What are our dreams and how do we pursue them. Who am I and what makes me stand out from the crowd?

Our discovery sometime also leads us down paths unexpected as God reveals roots in our lives to trauma and pain. We are making space for those kinds of discoveries as well and plan on having times available for prayer ministry or SOZO sessions for those who would like to resolve some of the deeper rooted issues that keep them stuck in their lives.

Come join us and discover the real you and the meaning and purpose for your life.

There is limited spaces available for this retreat so please reserve your spot early.

The cost for you to attend this retreat this year is $100, the remainder of the cost is being subsidized by NOSA Foundation.

We have also made available payment plans for those who are unable to cover the cost upfront.

When: Oct 13 6:00pm - Oct 15 3:00pm

Where: Pine Lake Christian Camp

36341, AB-816, Pine Lake, AB T0M 1R0

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