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Welcome to our project!

We are believing for hearts changed, minds filled and souls transformed. All of our mentoring services are offered to those needing support at no charge. That is why we are calling on YOU to help us reach our goal. With your help we can fulfill all 100 pledges. We are looking for 100 pledges of financial support from $1-$100.

 Here's how it works: 

1. Choose any available
amounts below.

2. Contribute that number by Donation.

We encourage you to choose an amount that fits within your budget and you are moved in your heart to give. We are thankful for any assistance you can offer. The blue boxed numbers are the  pledge amounts still available.

Thank you for your generous donation. We accept Cash,

e-Transfers and all major Credit Cards. 

Thank you for making your pledge today. Every dollar is important to us and we desire to honour you by stewarding your gift well. Please feel free to pledge as often as you can or help us by your prayers and support by sharing this project to your friends. We bless you and everything God has planned for your life. 

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