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The 100 Pledge Project

This year there are now two ways of being involved, on you can pledge an amount yourself like in previous years or secondly you can become an ambassador and join us as an ambassador and earn some incentives while you do.


To pledge yourself continue down this page, to get more info on how to become an ambassador click this button.

Thank you for pledging your financial gift!

We are so excited that you are partnering with us to see those struggling with mental health issues find healing so that they can flourish in their lives.  All your financial gifts go towards supporting those who seek our services. Fill out the pledge form below to participate in this 100 Pledge Project. To fulfill your pledge use the QR code below or send the amount by e-transfer. 

Please Note: No One Stands Alone Foundation Ltd. is a Non-Profit Business. Donations, gifts and love offerings, given to No One Stands Alone Foundation are not tax-deductible, but are greatly appreciated.

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