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Are you feeling overwhelmed and on the verge of burn out? Self-care is often the last priority when the pressures of life are all consuming. If you are needing to rest consider joining us for this retreat. Spaces are filling up ONLY 6 Spaces remaining!

Time and Date

Oct 28 6:00pm - Oct 30 3:00pm

72049 Hwy40, North Cochrane, AB T4C 1A8 

About the Event

We are hosting our first annual Refresh Woman's Retreat. This event is specifically for women who are burnt out and need some time to refresh and regroup. If you are that woman or know of a woman who needs this retreat, we would love to have you join us.

To make this accessible to those who need it, this event is sponsored by NOSA thus there is no cost attached. 

Spaces are limited so the earlier you register the better. 

The retreat starts on October 28 @ 6pm and end at 3pm on October 30. To register click the link below.

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